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Welcome to the First Coast IDPA - Jacksonville, FL

First Coast IDPA is an IDPA-affiliated club.  Matches are held on the first Saturday of each month starting promptly at 9AM, located at Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club. Located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Please contact Ed Sevetz. (Match Director) for information. You may reach Ed at

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November Scores are Posted..

Our December match will not be an official IDPA match. I'm calling it a" reality match." Here are a few examples.  For most stages you'll be able to load to mag capacity, not division capacity. If you want to shoot with a light attached to your gun, fine. The minimum round count on one of the stages is 22. One stage will have 11 threats and 14 non threats.  You'll be able to reload wherever.

I'm still working on stages but the only thing that will limit us is the number of available target stands. Bring lots of ammo and be prepared for a safe and fun time. ALL safety rules will still apply.

Also, the January MATCH will be a BUG match.  More on that later.

Please remember, sign-in closes promptly at 0900 hours.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

Those of us who have taken Mas' courses wholeheartedly endorse them to our fellow First Coast IDPA shooters. Enclosed is info on courses offered through the Mas Ayoob Group. These courses are offered as close as Live Oak, Florida.  The MAG address is  Anyone accessing the site will see a schedule of MAG courses being offered nationwide.  Registration material, requirements, contact information to local sites, and recommendations for students may also be found.


Also, checkout the NEW ProArms Podcast website...
(Created by Jon and Terri Strayer, featuring Gail as Producer and Steve Denny as host!! )

Please check out FCIDPA's sister club ! "Flagler IDPA". Matches are the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Thanks for coming out and supporting First Coast IDPA !!

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